Cycle Press The Newspaper of the International Bicycle Industry


Jun/Jul 2011 No.252
3 Raleigh in America
4-11 Taiwan update report
12-17 Feature: Tire/Wheel/Rim
18-23 Market Report: Japan
24 News pickup & topics
25-32 Shanghai Show report
Taiwan Update Report:
Anxiety over 16.8% Fall in Export Volume to Europe in 1st Quarter
2011 Outcome Depends Largely on 2nd Quarter Results
Taiwan Makers Struggle To Set Prices As Volatility Continues in Material Prices
Lower Raw Material Prices Mean Parts Makers Have Less Bargaining Power
Shanghai Show Biggest Ever In Exhibition Space, Exhibitor Count, Participating Countries
Booth Displays of Improved Product Levels, Originality Reflect Stronger Commitment to Authenticity
Feature: Tire/Wheel/Rim Industry
Natural Rubber Price Spikes Trouble Tire Makers
CBA Chairman
Zhongchao Ma Interview
Chinese Bike Market Set for
Rapid Growth
‘Innovative Product Competition’
Spurs Domestic R&D
Japanese Market of Power-Assist Bikes Grows
Makers Expect 2011 Growth To Hit 10%
What’s Ahead for Shimano:

90th Anniversary Sparks All-Out Effort
To Create Exciting Products