Cycle Press 快報


Apr/May 2013 No.263
The 26th Taipei Show Attracts 1,103 Exhibitors from 36 Countries,
Booth Spaces Up to a Record High of 3,289
Taiwan’s 1st-Quarter Exports Down As Principal EU Markets Continue To Struggle
Tseng Leadership Adheres To A-Team’s Basic Philosophies, Emphasizes Expansion of High-Grade Production and Promotion/Deepening of 3T Systems
600 People from Industry, Other Sectors Gather To Celebrate SR Suntour’s 25th Anniversary

Cycleurope Japan Pays 189 Million Yen in Compensation for Bianchi Bike Accident
The 13th Tianjin Show;
Equal Numbers of Bicycles and E-bikes on Display, but Bicycles on the increase